From this site, you may download the information and use it on your computer for personal study or you can print it or use it in a multimedia presentation for yourself and others as long as you give the printed material away and do not charge for it. You must include appropriate attribution/credit on the material you extract. (see below Information to Include on copies) In this case, free means free. It cannot be bundled with anything sold, nor can you charge for shipping, handling, or anything. It cannot be posted on other websites or servers without permission in writing from Wenstrom Bible Ministries. It is provided for personal study or for use in preparation and presentation of sermons, Sunday school classes, undergraduate or seminary religion classes or other non-commercial study. 

For free distribution of more than 1000 copies, you must obtain written permission and comply with our guidelines of content control and include copyright and organizational acknowledgments. For permission, inquire by e-mail or call. As a courtesy, if you are doing over 100 please let us know as we would like to see what else we can do to support your ministry.

Credit Lines for material

The following credit lines are to be included with the material. The suggested format is:

William E. Wenstrom Jr, Title of the work,. Copyright year [-if not known use 2023], reprinted with permission, [Example William E. Wenstrom Jr., Justification Copyright ©2023 reprinted with permission.

Material from the site may not be edited (words added or deleted) without our permission. Material from the site may not be reprinted for commercial publication or fund raising purposes without our permission.

Translation of articles on the site

We encourage anyone to translate any article off the site so we can offer it to others for study. Therefore permission is granted for you to translate the articles on the site provided you acknowledge the source and include the statement (used by permission author's name-William E. Wenstrom Jr., Copyright ©2001-2023 All rights reserved) and that you submit the translated material back to us so we can post it on the site for others to use.

Formatting Guidelines

To support Christians around the world we, with the support of our donors, make available to you our studies on the site for the free non commercial use in your ministry. We would love for you to  translate our studies into your own language and use the translations in your ministry. Our only requirement is that you acknowledge our permission and copyright and you send the material back to us so we can post it for others to use. We rely on volunteer translators, so we can't pay you. But the ministry that you provide in translating studies into your language will greatly benefit your friends and neighbors in your country who don't speak English.

  • Find the study you want to translate and then send us an email telling us of your intention and to make sure nobody else is already working on that study in your language.
  • Try to follow our paragraph styles as you translate. This means that you assign a Heading 1 or Heading 2 or Body Text or Quote paragraph styles to those paragraphs that we assigned those styles to. 
  • Email us the new translation and we will post it.